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Who Stopped The Sale?

What is a salesperson's job? If you responded "To sell a product or service", or any variation of this, then Who Stopped the Sale? by Richard F. Libin - author, educator, consultant - is a must read. This book challenges sales professionals to close more sales without ever selling in the traditional sense.

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Who Knew?

It doesn't matter what you do, where you come from or where you're headed. This book is for you. Why? Because everyone is a salesperson. Every day from the time you get up in the morning until the time you go to bed at night you negotiate, communicate and influence the way people think to sell something.

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Reader's Reactions

 An extremely useful and informative book based on a lifetime of experience - Richard Libin shows us in Who Stopped the Sale? that to be successful the new era of sales and service requires a new mindset, one that has to be constantly refreshed both personally and professionally through continuous education. 

- Mary Beth Aufmuth
Author of A Study Guide for An Introduction to Sociology  |   More Quotes

 Richard Libin is a genius...Who Knew? Seriously, though, this book lays the groundwork of strategy that leads to success both professionally and personally. 

- Megan M. MacBey
CIC Account Executive, Eagle Insurance Group  |   More Quotes

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