Who Knew?

It doesn't matter what you do, where you come from, or where you're headed. This book is about you. Why? Because everyone is selling something everyday; because everyone is a salesperson - parents, teachers, consumers, employees, sales professionals and even politicians. Every day you are trying to sell something, from the time you get up until you go to bed. You negotiate, communicate and you try to influence the way people think. Like it or not, selling is an essential skill. Who Knew?

Over the years, however, poor behavior and techniques, bad consumer experiences, and inferior portrayals by the media of salespeople, have created negative stereotypes of salespeople. Many of the best business schools and universities avoid teaching courses on how to sell. As a result, many who embrace sales as a career are not properly trained or qualified. They don't truly understand how to sell. In the end, buyers continue to have bad experiences and the negative stereotypes are perpetuated.

Who Knew? You have the ability to change this. Are you ready? If so, this book is for you.

Inside Who Knew?

  • Are you a creature of habit?
  • Helping customers get the best experience possible
  • First impressions aren't everything
  • Avoiding culture shock
  • If you don't love It here, leave
  • Change your way of thinking

Reader's Reaction for Who Knew?

 This book hits the nail on the head. In Who Knew? Richard Libin presents the kind of acquired skills a person needs to be a successful sales professional. He understands that the sale has more to do with the person than with the product or service itself. 

- Jeff Gonsalves
Law Enforcement Professional

 I'm from the school of thought that if you're going to put the time and energy into learning, then learn from the best. Richard Libin is a master at his craft and in Who Knew? his knowledge is conveyed in a style that makes a quick and easy read. Once I began to read the book, I couldn't put it down. Richard Libin gets my thumbs up whole-heartedly.  

- Paul Tortora
Retired Superintendent of Schools, Trawler Specialist, Connecticut

 Great content! Great format! Like Mr. Libin's first book, Who Stopped the Sale?, Who Knew? provides essential information and reminders for sales professionals from a pro who knows. This book will help you make customers happier and sell more at the same time. 

- Steve Finlay
Writer, Automotive Industry

 In Who Knew?, Richard Libin again has written an industry standard. If you want to profit in sales, this is the book you need to succeed. 

- Deanna Juarez
CEO, Evolve Fitness

 Richard Libin has guided thousands to success and, with Who Knew?, he shows us all how to maximize our potential. An easy read that packs punch, Who Knew? provides essential fundamentals and timeless advice on how to work more effectively with people every day. All books should be this valuable and direct at making their points. I recommend this book to anyone who leads, manages, works, coaches or parents - after all, we're all salespeople, like it or not!! 

- Jenn Smith
Law Enforcement Professional

 We are all selling our services, products and ideas all the time. Richard Libin is the master at getting to the core of what we can all do to be our best at it, in a very direct and easy to understand style that is a compelling and fast-paced read. 

- Robert S. Haws
Consulting Actuary, Boston, Mass.

 I can't wait to try the techniques from Who Knew? on my next sales call! This book is filled with powerful insights that will drive success in sales, and essentially any other business role. 

- Phyllis Grabot
President, Corridor Communications, Inc.