Who Stopped The Sale?

What is a salesperson's job?

If you responded "To sell a product or service", or any variation of this, then Who Stopped the Sale? by Richard F. Libin - author, educator, consultant - is a must read. This book challenges sales professionals to close more sales without ever selling in the traditional sense. From "The New World of Selling" and "Profile of The New Salesperson," this concise, straightforward book explores attitudes that shape success, the art of becoming a Sales Selection Specialist, and the importance of ongoing career education.

Inside Who Stopped the Sale?

  • How to ask the right questions
  • Attitude, performance, effort
  • Mastering the art of selection
  • Red Carpet Treatment
  • Education, a lifelong process
  • Four pillars of effective selling
  • Self-assessment tools
  • Keys to Success - At-a-glance

Reader's Reaction for Who Stopped The Sale?

 Who Stopped the Sale? is a valuable book that is clear and to the point about a salesperson's job - to facilitate a sale every time you encounter a prospect. It gives practical wisdom in an easy-to-read format. 

- Dr. Richard Levin
Executive Coach, Leadership Developer, Television Commentator, and Newspaper Columnist; President, Richard Levin & Associates, Wellesley, Massachusetts

 Great content! Great format! Who Stopped the Sale? is easy-to-use, step-by-step approach from a pro who knows what he's talking about on the subject of how to sell more and make customers happier at the same time. 

- Steve Finlay
Senior Editor, Wards Dealer Business Magazine

 Full of simply stated wisdom, Who Stopped the Sale? should be a primer for everyone who has contact with customers, from the receptionist to management, and most important the sales team. 

- Elizabeth Beddow
Founder LiveWire Integration Consultants, Inc.

 Who Stopped the Sale? is compelling, entertaining and a tremendous resource for anyone in sales. With new tips on every page and wonderful anecdotes that will stay with you as you move through a sale, this book reminds us how important it is to help a customer make the right selection. Who Stopped the Sale? teaches valuable lessons that will help your clients get the product or services that they really desire, ensuring they come back again and again. 

- Diane Ricciardelli
President, SRB Solutions, Inc.

 Richard Libin is a sales and marketing innovator, a man who is forever studying the way we perform in the workplace, and challenging us to find a way to do it better. In Who Stopped the Sale? he shows us that poorly managed sales systems and a careless approach to customer service, can hurt our bottom line more than our most feared competitor. He tells us, with insight and common sense gathered from years of observation and experience, how to stop competing with ourselves. 

- Jack Warren
President, Warren Business Graphics

 Who Stopped the Sale? makes an impression on everyone in business, whether or not you are in sales. This book, coupled with consistent application of its principles, ongoing education and hard work, helps business people refocus on the customer while providing a guide for success from the first customer contact through the entire process. 

- Joanna Burke
Henry J. Burke & Sons Funeral Homes

 Who Stopped the Sale? blends common sense that many in sales have forgotten (or abandoned) with unique insights to chart a clear course for sales success regardless of the product, service or climate. It's a must read for any sales professional. 

- Kenneth Grabot
Motion Picture Industry